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Blue Skies


I am Coach Dimitri. I have been a competitive gymnast for 2 years, A competitive cheerleader for 4 years. A Jr ROTC competition for 4 years. My strengths are Tumbling, and Bar training, Men's gymnastics skill training, strength and conditioning. I am ready to help your child get the skills they need to advance their athletics.

Blue Skies


Looking forward helping your child achieve their athletic goals.


Text Please, I will not answer a call from a number I do not know. Let me know in your text that you're looking for private lesson, and for what skill.


30min or 60min privates are available based on your child's needs. 30min is sufficient for a single skill. 60min is needed when multiple skills or events need training.  More than 1 child can do privates at the same time, but they must be the same experience level. After 1st lesson recommendations may be made to split the pair if needed.

30min Private $25

60min Private $40

~Payments are made when booking. 1 reschedule per class with 24hour advanced notification. No Refunds to No-shows... 2 no-shows and your place in schedule will be dropped.

Example Schedule

Private Schedule.jpg
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